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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hurricane Earl closes in on US East Coast

Just what I needed at this moment. Perfect timing huh??
How will I be able to brew my life with this perfect storm coming up?It was already planned. Well planned. And all of a sudden, there it was building up in the East Coast. Why does it have to be now? I mean, shouldn't it be after the plan has been materialized?I really don't care about this big storm but to ruin my life when I am here thousand miles away from the disaster. Just how much power it has?imagine it

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sometimes I wonder,
where I've been
who I am 
do I fit in...

It's the lyrics from one of the songs in Les Miserables. I must admit that sometimes I do feel that way. I don't know if I am rightful or doing something stupid again(seems I always do).Sometimes I feel like 

I did my best,
but I guess my best wasn't good enough...

People may think that I am so trying hard to be good .My mom always tell me I am a bright girl but when it comes to love I am the most stupid she has encountered. I am willing to give up everything for the one I love. And I have known that sometimes I chose to be blinded by love just so he would cling on me that open my eyes and lose him forever.

But now hopefully things would change...
I never dreamed someone like you could want 
someone like me..
Hope he is finally the right one. After all the troubles that I have been through, I know I deserve to be happy. And I am doing this not just for my own happiness but most of all for my family. So please be here because I need you.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wacky MOnday

Or was I just so crazy about it?
Well I woke up late since I slept late last night as usual paying games on facebook and watching funny videos on youtube.
I was awaken by the noise of the kids running in and out of my room. My dear little baby was poking my face with her feeding bottle asking me to fix her a milk.My eldest was already facing the computer playing dress up games on the computer.My mom was nowhere to be found and dad was showing signs of eruption.What could possibly hit him now?as if I am not used to his tantrums at all. He is always like this. A day would never end without him showing his tantrums even with just no reason.
Actually I shouldn't be surprise at all if this is happening because its always like this everyday in the house. It's just now that I realize I can make it a subject for my writing. Though not very impressive but somehow I have the reason to write about.

Magically me??

I have always been a big fan to the CHARMED, the TV series aired sometime in 1999.Actually, I was first attracted to it not because of its magical spells but because of Shannen Doherty(Pruedence Halliwel) because she was also one of the cast in the TV series BEVERLY HILLS 90210 way back then(which I was also a fan). I liked her because there used to be a rumor that she is half filipina-half american being her mom a pinoy.It made me proud to know that. But until now I still don't know if it was true.
When I started to watched it on t.v. I was inclined and fascinated by its spells. Their duels and fights with demons and evil and all kinds of lords of the underworld.
Prue being the eldest sister has the power to move things with just a blink of her eyes and later grew with the help of the wave of her hands. And she was the strongest of the three sisters. Ever protective who stand for them no matter if it cost her life in the much later episode of the series.
Piper, as the middle child has the ability to freeze time. But she was the most vulnerable to all three of them(as for my opinion of course). She was the most rule obeying person in the story and very devoted to achieve her dream of becoming a chef.When Prue died, she begun to realize that its her time to start acting like the eldest and guide the younger sisters to their ultimate goal being the good witches. And that is to protect the innocent from the evil world.
Phoebe, being the youngest of them and the most troubled but the wisest of them. She's a real street smart. She always has the brightest ideas on how to solve each case of evil duels they encounter.
For me I could give it a five star rate. It touches relationships of the sisters or of siblings for that matter. Close to reality having sibling rivalry and later being resolved with their understanding and love for each other.