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Monday, June 14, 2010

the 2nd day

may 13,2010
When one is sailing for 3 days and 2 nights, you don't know what to do. You get easily bored especially when you couldn't even see a single island anywhere..Only the wide ocean.I was just glad we were sailing with good climate..
I just took lunch at the cafeteria when I received the call from Convergys. They were asking me to report as soon as I reached Manila for interview.I knew I would be arriving there by THursday so I asked if I could still make it if I go the next day. They were too considerate to give me the chance.
Soon after that call, I received yet another 3 phone interviews from the call centers I submitted my resume with. I was so glad and excited about it. I knew it will never be difficult for me to start anew. Even though I left my kids in Davao, I knew they will understand why I did this.

the exodus

 May 12,2010
I needed to go somewhere else...far from where I was...I planned to live in a faraway land but i couldn't just go there..shrek wasn't available.
I bought a ticket for Manila.but before I left I applied several call center agencies so I can have a place to work.Then it will be a lot easier for me by then.
The ship was scheduled to sail at 11am of May 12. A day after national election..I didn't even get to vote because I was transferred to another precinct. I was just on the look while everyone else were practicing their right of suffrage.
As the ship was sailing, I got loads of plans ahead of me. If God's will I won't be coming back in Davao...