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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

counting the days

I have been counting the days for about a month now. whatever that is I don't want to spoil it for broadcasting it here. I just wish it would soon be over. that the long wait would finally come. That my counting would soon be on day 1. its so hard to wait for something. to long for something that you don't even know if it will come or not. still hanging on thin air.myLot User Profile

movie preview---

The Last SongI watched this movie this evening. I kinda liked it although its a teenage thing with a twist. I really thought that the story would go around Ronnie(miley cyrus character) being the rebellious daughter of a broken family. After her parents got divorced she always thought that she was one good reason why they separated. When she was forced to stay with her father one summer because of serious act she has done in her town, her father tried to reconcile with her not mentioning the battle her father has been going thru which is cancer..This movie made me cry really.
My Sister's Keeperthis one is the best cancer-related movie I have seen. I have never seen Cameron Diaz on a serious drama movie. and she was really great.the story is about a girl made to be born to keep her sister who was suffering from leukemia alive. She was designed to be the donor of every part of her body for transplant so her sister could make it. really great movie I swear.

hello am back

sorry I haven't been on the mood for blogging lately. Maybe because I was preoccupied with things. Things that needed too much attention. Oh but don't worry I am still fine..(who am I talking anyway).
honestly, I didn't wanna continue this blogging thing because I didn't see any reason to do so. I don't even have a follower. Isn't that ironic??
I have been inviting actually. And not all my friends were invited to follow me. Those people whom I send invitations were among the people that I wanted to share my life with. They are the people most special to me. I just hope they get the message right.