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Friday, March 19, 2010

i'm back

hi, i am back..and i noticed no one has ever read my first post..but then that's how it is. It will not definitely stop me from making another try. ok so here it goes, wish me luck!!
i met someone on the net last year. but we didn't get along because he still had a girlfriend back then.we chatted for awhile and then bid goodbye.then we met on chat room again December last year but we didn't get to hang on longer because her girlfriend kind of pissed off with us chatting so again we said goodbye. February, just when love is in the air i met him again on chat room and this time he was kind of hurting and needed a friend. so there i was listening to his grief about his girlfriend being a two-timer. maybe i had been a good listener to him because he was kind of stuck with me..he didn't want to let go of me even if we chatted for like all night.yes, can u believe that all night. the funny thing was a day after we chatted he sent me a message on messenger asking me of who i was and if we have ever met before..what was that??? he laid his cards on me talking about his unfaithful girlfriend and how he took her four times after each betrayal and then a day after he has forgotten who i was??
anyway, i didn't reply to his message but he was persistent..he still wanted to talk to me and i didn't want to be rude.we got along pretty well after that.we talked for hours on the service of the internet and after awhile on the phone..gosh!i didn't even believe what was coming.he became my boyfriend. accepted who i am and who i am not.accepted my wrongdoings and every consequence that comes to it.
i know it's kind of hard to believe that someone far away, totally a stranger is falling for someone like me.but i would like to believe it because i still believe in love. in spite of the trials that came my way i am not bitter.i might be martyr but i am just who i am.