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Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's Monday

I know I said I want to update my blog with my daily activities as if I am making my own diary for public consumption..but I totally forgot to make my Saturday and Sunday regime..
Well, I thought its the best to escape a few days tho since it was totally boring. Nothing much exciting to talk about.
When I logged in to facebook this morning, something caught my attention. Then I begun to wonder if I may have been a bad person??? I mean I know I have done crazy things in my life and some were really unforgivable but to have a life so unhappy and full of misery?? I know a person who has done more bad things than me, more cruel or much more crazy. But why is he happy now? why does he have a family of his own. With children and a wife to take care and provide with as if when i saw their picture they make a real happy family. Don't I deserve to be just like him? I am not asking for more.. just a family...a father for my children..a husband for me..
oh what am I talking about???

from Danielle Steel novel "THE FAMILY ALBUM"

"God places the solidarity in families, families by blood, by obligation, by necessity, by desire...and sometimes, if one is very lucky, by love. it is a word that implies solidity, a rock-solid foundation, a place to go home to...
to grow out of... to grow away from and yet to remember and hang on to...the echoes never leaving one's ears or one's heart and yet never to be totally forgotten or left behind. The place where one begins and hope to end...the thing one works so hard to build one's own..
Family, what images that conjures...what memories...what dreams..."