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Friday, April 2, 2010


Lenten Season is very much celebrated here. It is the best time to ask for forgiveness, penitence and pray. As for me and my little girls we did a movie marathon. Yes, we did so now they are sleeping soundly. Got tired of watching the movie the whole day. The most fascinating movie I saw today was Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. It was really very educational for me since I have never taken Greek Mythology during college. Well,  my college years was cut short because of my untimely pregnancy. Anyway, it was really fun watching it because I feel my childishness again. And I just love movies like that. Like Harry Potter, The Charmed. The ones that tells about witches and wizards. It fascinates me more.
I did get to pray today so don't worry, my christian duty was done. We also watched  The Ten Commandments movie. You know, the story of Moses and Rameses. I even tried to explain to my kids why they do this and that because you know kids..what they see is what they believe in.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I wanted my blog to be updated so i decided to write my daily activities. May it be boring or fun its up to u to decide. Just a little favor tho, don't be too judgmental because I have decided to write everything, from thoughts to doing ok???
Now to start with, I had a very boring day. I woke up really late because I slept late last night. I cut my finger from a bamboo last night so my finger is still aching until now.It's a little deep but I think it will be fine.Anyway, it's far from the real pain. My daughters Gian and KD woke up late too so when we went out by the hall no one was there anymore. We ate our breakfast together then I took them a bath together. Being a single mom is really a handful job but this is me..
When I checked on my email I received a letter from SFI inviting me to join their program so I gave it a shot. Since I was new to it, I found it fun and enjoying. I even devoted my time to it for almost half of the day because I wanted to earn more credits before I logged out. I just hope it's really promising and earning for that matter so my time and effort won't be totally wasted.
I thought keeping my blog will be easy tho but unfortunately it's kinda hard to find a topic that is worth to expound, really. I just wish tomorrow I can think of something that can be really captivating.
See you then and thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"The BALLOT:key to national stability."
or is it really?when i first had this essay in my grade school days my objectives were clearly idealistic. i tackled about how a politician who runs for a government office should ask for the people's vote, the promises and agendas, the compromise and the platforms. and i think during those times the judges were idealistic too that all that has been written by the contestants were easy to achieve. they should be because i won fifth place for the regional contest.i was really excited when i got my prize of 500 pesos. during that time the amount was big enough to buy a sack of rice and groceries for the whole week.but since i was really young then i didn't think of how i should spend it but rather i thought of buying for personal use. i bought my first barbie doll with it.and now that i am a mother my girls are playing with it too.not that it still look good because all the hair has fallen out.maybe it aged with the years that passed too.
i was sitting by the window when i remembered my barbie doll.i didn't think of playing it but of how i acquired it.three presidents have gone by since i wrote my essay and won it.but the ideas that i have written their were never achieved. we have had a president who loves to travel, another one was a gambler and thrown out of power and now power-grabber president.well, what else is new?during election they would ask for our precious and sacred votes. trying to be humble as possible. giving out the best and promising propaganda one could imagine.but once they get to sit and hold the office, gone are all those things. you cannot even get in touch with them unless you pass through so secretaries, undersecretaries as well as assistant secretaries.. so much for bureaucracy. Thats how politics are done here in our country.
Now that they have finally decided to make it AUTOMATED ELECTION??? hope they really do it good. But as we all know, every election there's always conspiracy between Mr. This and Ms. That, you know what I mean.
Now that I am older and can really vote who I want but doesn't really matter because who they want always wins, I dont believe anymore that the Ballot is the key to national stability. It's the connections that will make people who are hungry for power stable...

Monday, March 29, 2010

disney princesses

I can't imagine I fought with my eldest daughter because of a computer game in just awhile ago??
I freaked out when she wouldn't let me have the computer so that I can update with my blog and the mails I have to check. I started scolding her but she answered me outright like I was just her friend or worst her enemy. My God!! what happened to me? I lost my motherhood for awhile. I know it wasn't right to fight with your child with a very none sense reasons..I might have to start talking to her too. I don't want her growing like I am just someone she lives with. I am her mother so she must talk to me like her mother. do you get what I mean??and to think she's only 6 years old...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

congrats graduates

well, i really hope i would be telling this to my girls when they get to college..i mean it is my greatest frustration that i didn't get to finish my college so i would want them to have the degree. no parents could possibly dream of their children not finishing their school, right?now i know the parents got even with me hahaha...
my eldest finished her kindergarten with flying colors.she got 3 medals for being best in reading, mathematics and with honors. and oh she also got most behave( i wonder why she was given that)..
well, she's really a very active kid. talkative too.but maybe when she is in school she tends to behave.i know my girl.she likes to study even without my assistance. she even likes to practice talking in english because she said that one of these days we will live in america. isn't she very optimistic??just like me so i was told.