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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Senior Citizens are

As you well all know my mom just got out from the hospital after having confined at the intensive care unit because of heart attack, pneumonia and other complications. During those days in the hospital, medicines were asked every now and then. Transcriptions were given every hour. And most of the medicines are very expensive. Then we knew mom is already a senior citizen and people of her age are given 20% discounts on medicines and other things needed for them. So we tried to use her card but we needed to secure for a purchasing card first before we were allowed to buy.
One of her medicines were an antibiotic that would cost Php 1,200 every 6 hours to be injected on her i.v..So we then went to Botika ng Bayan, a pharmacy said to have cheaper costs of medicines. Before approaching the counter we asked one of the pharmacists or the sales lady there if they have the kind of med that we were looking for. She said they got some stocks available and she even gave us the price of how much it cost. But when we gave her my mother's senior citizen card and the purchasing card, she backed out. Approached their head and returned telling us that the med were no longer available. What was that?
Just because we were about to purchase the meds with a senior citizen discount they ignored us and rejected us?what was that supposed to mean then??Why do we have to acknowledge this law when some of our pharmacies don't even givce credit to the seniors??