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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Have you ever questioned life why it is not so fair to anyone? I mean I for one only wanted a simple but comfortable life.I have always wanted someone to love me and accept me for who I am and who I am not. I have been thru several relationships before that I thought this people, these guys would never get serious with their lives and never will have a great family I have always wanted. But when I get to see them on a social networking sights, pictures of their family, wife tacked in their arms or a picture with their kids or even in some instances, they have declared their engagement on this sight..How could they ever do this to me???
Sometimes I admit that when I see their pictures having the time of their life with their families, I envy them. I would sometimes think what if it was I? will I be happy? Oh I do not have regrets with my children, I adore them, I love them with all my heart. I would do anything for them. But its just that I sometimes wished I was on their wife's shoes..Maybe I am just asking too much that I shall not have. Maybe God has greater gift in store for me and my girls. By then, I must wait. It may take awhile but I shall wait. For my childrens' sake.
Marionette Gian
 hi, my nanay calls me butchik because of my chubby cheeks or buday because I am a burdagol Inday. My mom had difficulty during my delivery because she had pre-eclampsia, with her blood pressure shooting up real high and she was gaining so much weight, she thought she would deliver me with c-section. But I helped her out and exactly 12:10am of April 21, 2008, I came out and took my first breath of hospital
I wasn't a big baby, I was born 5.5lbs only. When mom brought me home, I caught amoeba so I was brought back to the hospital after 2 weeks I was born. With IV and all the medicines injected I think I kinda bloated. When the doctor told mom that I am allergic to milk's cow she got real worried because she knew then that my milk will really be very expensive. Soya milk has always been my milk since then.I didn't even get to be breastfed by her.

 For three months I had been in and out of the hospital.And each time the doctors and nurses had fun with me.In fact one of the doctors Dr.Abella, gave me the name Butchik.
But my mom loved me so much that she gave everything to support my needs.I was well loved by all the members of the family.
Ididn't have to feel that I have no father because all my Titos' and Titas' and some of family friends gave me all the love.Lolo especially gave all the things I should have.And mom told me that inspite of her situation being a single mother of two girls(I have an older sister,KD) she never heard Lolo and Lola anything that may have hurt her feelings.No talks, just acceptance and a welcome hug.
I got so many pictures to share with you.Hope you have fun time watching them.
This is my sister KD, she loved me so much although at times she gets jealous of me for all the attention I got.But I know Ate KD adores me so much.
But I know she hates my tantrums, I guess no one likes a childs tantrums.She shares with me all her toys and gave me all her dresses that she thinks do not fit her anymore.I have great clothes even though some were hand-me-downs from my sister. She takes good care of her things.She hates it when I touch anything of her own but when she gives me permission to play with her, ohh you will gonna love her forever.She's the kind of Ate that is generous and kind and loving and caring.

This is our latest family pic.Mom made a compilation of pictures of me and Ate KD and put it on DVD. She said it will serve a good memory of our childhood.I love watching it everyday because she put background music to it.If u see it you will really know that mom loves us soooo much.No doubt to it. Last April 21, it was my 2nd birthday.I know mom doesn't work anymore but she still managed to gave me something for my birthday.Wish life would be fair to her real soon.She really needs miracle I think. We don't want her being hard up for taking good care of me and my sister.We love her so much and I could bargain anything just to make her real happy.