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Thursday, July 1, 2010

contract signing

I was so excited when I went to the office to submit my requirements. I was thinking this could be the day that my life would turn around and luck would finally come my way.And I was right. I was lead to the HR to talk with their head and to finally sign the contract. Although I was really excited I had to read every detail in it to better understand what they were offering me. Indeed it was so tempting. Very much well compensated are the employees of this company. And I don't think there could be enough pressure. The team were like family. One could judge it when you get to see them laughing together, joking around. Then I had it in my mind that I am gonna do all the best I can to show up. To let them see how best I could be, an asset to the company. I was so happy when I brought back home  the copy of the contract. So eager that while I was on my way, even though busses and jeepneys horns were a natural noise pollution, I didn't mind at all. I called up my parents and told them what a great opportunity I have encountered in MAnila. Not all doors where closing me.This was one proof to that.

a poem given to me by a dear friend

With only pixels and bytes to bring us together
The web is acting as the strongest tether
The glimmering screen promising your beautiful vision
Exploding my mind like nuclear fission
Come close to me look into my heart
These pixels and bytes can’t keep us apart
But for now until later they our only chance
Of getting to know us, building a lovely romance
I want you Noeme and not just your image
I want the warmth of your charms just as I envisage
Float into my life through those pixels and bites
We will meet very soon wow just think of those nights

medicine??help me...

Since I was interviewed and hired on a Friday, I was subject for a medical exam immediately on the next working day, Monday. I am not really used to the streets of Manila.The whereabouts of these places written on a piece of paper where I am supposed to have my medical exam. But I wasn't worried at all.What's the use of asking for directions??
And so it went on.I exactly got everything for 3 working days. Then I will only have to wait for the results. While waiting I must submit other documents to the office so I could sign the contract soon. Thereafter, I would be given the schedule as to when I was supposed to start the training...I was really hoping and praying that the exams would come out without such problems. All i knew then was that I was as strong as a horse. No disease.