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Sunday, October 10, 2010

mother mother why are u sick!!!

Monday morning when we rushed mom to the hospital. It was supposed to be just a plain check up although we know she really is sick and gets weaker. She has been having fever on and off for two weeks and her cough wasn't getting well either.When we reached Dr. Tan's clinic, she was immediately subjected to be admitted to Intensive Care Unit. We were all shocked.And afraid. Who would not be.After all we all know that ICU is the place for patients who are really on the edge of life and death.Mom was even refusing to be admitted there because she thought of it as a death place. Her blood pressure dropped to 60/40 and her heartbeat was dropping. She had heart attack.

Then everything was in a rush. Laboratory tests were done immediately. Medicines with higher dosage were given. When I visited her inside the ICU she was chilling with fever. When the doctor finally came to tell us her condition we were so damn sad. How can it be?How will we survive?
She has pneumonia. Her lungs had been swollen and her heart was affected. The fluid from the lungs covered her heart so that she has difficulty in breathing.It has to be drained out.The bacteria causing the swelling on her lungs was very high that her kidney was affected. Her creatin count was high. Her blood pressure now shoots up to 140/100 as well as her sugar count raised to 225. She was given insulin every 12 hours. The good thing is that she is still conscious.

After a day in the ICU there was tentative bill. Php 23, 684.87 just for one day in the ICU. We started to panic. How can we pay such big amount in just one day. We decided to take her out of the ICU and trasfer her to ward room. We were told to sign for a waver since it is against the doctor's will because she is still being monitored closely. But we explained to her that we just can't pay her bill with that huge amount and still goes up until she's out of that care. We asked to have her specialists see her in the ward room instead and be treated there.

Then I started to contact my friends who has long been neglected but not forgotten. People I don't speak to for years. But I asked them for help. I don't care if they think of me as crazy or what. I just want my mom to live longer. My friend in Vietnam sent me 50$. Her antibiotic alone would cost as 15$ every 6hours. Other medicines that should be taken besides antibiotics must be bought for faster recovery. I have contacted every single possible person that could help us with her meds. And until now I am still asking for help.