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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm sooo Vain

But not really. I mean I was not the kind of girl who always do retouch for makeup or hairdo every time she got the chance. I didn't carry with me powder or a comb to use every five minutes just like my cousin. Well, I do bring them sometimes but they would just be an added inventory to the stocks in my bag that needs to be put on a dresser so they can be used and not kept inside the carry-on trunk forever. You see, I am not the typical girl really. I don't care much with how I look, or what I am wearing or maybe how my hair are all tussled and turned wherever I may go. I am just not like that. Even though I know I got oily skin and there was one time I tried using astringents to get rid of it or even to help whiten my skin, I couldn't make it last to use for a week because maybe I am just too lazy to apply them on.
But now that I got 2 kids already, and I have aged like twice the number where one should start being conscious with how a girl looks, I began to feel insecure. I got pimples on my face. I even indulged my self into facial spa where I put on some night creams and honey for washing, or some age defying creams and whitening creams just to get rid of these pimples no matter how much it would cost me. Isn't it ironic that just when I aged, I start to feel vain? Oh what a thought..

The LOve that was

I saw a picture of someone that was closed to my heart way back then. And not just a simple picture but a portrait of his own happy family. I never have thought in my wildest dreams that he could turn out to be this responsible to his own family. Well, I don't say that he wasn't responsible then but you know, he was the kind of guy then that just happy-go-lucky, loves to go out with friends, hang out with them and never even cared to come home but when needed only.
And now, he is the most proud father to his daughter. The most supportive husband and a good provider. What else can a wife ask for?The good thing is that I made good friends with his wife too. It doesn't need to shut the doors with this people just because I used to date him. I am so proud that he has made the right direction.I am so happy for you. You know who you are.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Good morning everyone! It's a rainy Saturday here. Nothing much to do today. Just watch over the store and hopefully sales would turn out right. It's been a week now that the store sales have going down the line. It's the least I expect to happen. I remember when I put up the store about 2 years ago that the sales was really good, even excellent. But now, I really don't know what's happening. The students are affected with the economy crisis. The drivers told me that their day round route can only pay their boundaries.Nothing much to keep for their families. What's happening?I thought economy would show up with the new administration?

A time for mourning

My neighbor's daughter who suffered from hydrocephalus for over a year after she was born died the other day. The irony of it was that the mother gave birth to another child while she was rushed to the hospital and was admitted in the ICU. Though it was already anticipated that it will soon come to pass away, I felt it was still painful. For a mother who carried nine months to a daughter and just right after that baby turned 1 year old passed away, it must felt so devastatingly painful and sad. I just pray that the family would soon surpass this grief and go on and move forward for the new born baby's sake.
i just created a new blog will be a more private one. More secrets to tell there. MOre things to will be my whole life

pls stop smoking

When I returned from Manila a few months ago,I thought it was already agreed that smoking will be prohibited inside the house. I am convinced that I got my FIBROSIS from second-hand smoking. My father and my brother are really chain smokers. They could use a pack or two in just one day. I asked them if they can't stop the habit then maybe they will just have to go outside and have it there. But then sometimes they just forget about it. I fear my kids would have the same ilness as mine. I really hope not.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Life is brewing

I got something brewing that I know will change my life and my entire family. I just wish it would be what I expect it to be. That's why I have been counting the days and it will soon be over. What I am brewing now will soon be served. I hope its as hot as I expect it to be.After all it will be my life I am cooking for.

MAjor, MAjor Way

She could have talked about what happened with her life. The hardships she has done after she had been dethroned for awhile then got back the crown and finally compete for the title. Or maybe she could have just simply said: "I didn't commit any major major mistake in my entire life so far but if I had then I wouldn't feel regret about it because I made them while I am still young. That way I could still make ammends, cover up the mistakes and make it right. I still got a lifetime to do the right things."
That's a major way..

Philippines--in trouble again

THis is really sad for me. I kinda hate the police officers who were there. Surely there was no proper coordination. The media and the people that shouldn't be there were not dismissed. There was no concrete plan on how to manage the hostage drama that took nearly 11 hours and killed 7 chinese nationals.
The guy was heartbroken. He was a good policeman during his time. If he hadn't been, how else did he received prestigious awards of loyalty and dedication to his work and country. Only because of some hocus pocus made and filed against him and dismissed him from service without even due process made him do this. Granting that it wasn't a brilliant idea but then it could have negotiated well and good. I f he had ever had the will to kill them all, it wouldn't take him too long to do that. The drama started as early as 9o'clock in the morning. He even had the heart to let go some hostages during the day. It goes to show that he was willing to cooperate and gave in. I really think he waws only triggered by the arrest of his brother as accesory to the crime.
It ended real bad. The governement should really do something about it. And I don't agree congratulating the police. They don't deserve it.