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Friday, February 26, 2010

the life

this is really crazy..i have always wanted to write something of my own interest.that is mainly the reason why i bought my laptop.when i was younger i used to dream of becoming a journalist, or even as a simple writer with nothing in particular to categorize.pardon me for my grammar or anything.its just that i got a little nervous.after all this is my very first time.i don't even know what to talk about..oh silly me!i wanted to make a daily blog of my life and yet i wanted to make a blog about my whole life itself.from everything i could possibly you ever follow what i have trying to say let me just try if i can really make this work and hope there's a single one out there who i could capture the interest of reading me i mean my blog.
to start with i am a single parent of two lovely girls ages 6 and 2 years old.eversince i started college i have always been a working student but then i didn't even get to finish it because of a very untimely pregnancy.yes untimely because it wasn't planned at all.well, who could have planned a pregnancy when you're still in school.that would be ridiculous unless you're married already.oh what am i saying?see i mumble the words i dont't even know.
i was the third child of four father used to work as a freelance agent of electrical generator and my mother a plain and effective you see, when you grow in a family that has been moving from one house to another because can't even afford to buy its own place, your life is always on the run.would you believe if i tell you that we have moved 18 times in my entire life?oh yes we just did.and as always everytime we did, there would be complete adjustment, neighborhood and new friends.but we managed because we had to.adn every house we moved in i had a very vivid experience may it be good or bad. i could still remember the first time we moved, and the longest stay we did in a new house was 8 years actually.i was just 9 years old then .
we had to moved in the city because my older sisters were about to enter college then.for their convenience.and i had to move to a new school too. the good thing was the school was just across the street.i made friends easily with the friendly neighborhood.up until i graduated from highschool we lived in that house.we have faced life's challenges eldest sister got pregnant there right after she graduated from other elder sister decided to get married while we were still living there that eventually changed our life.but i will probably tell you about that some other time.but the most unforgetable moment i can think of living in that house was the discovery of my father having an affair with another woman for 13 years.
yes for 13 years he kept it from us.and you know what's funny there?we got to meet the other woman and my mother befriended her.she invited her to ate with us.went shopping with her.introduced her to my mothers own set of friends.but never came to a point that they insulted each other.mother really had great patience or should i say she was a great martyr way back then.she didnt even fight father about it. all she asked was what happened.where did she go wrong?
now whatever happened to us after the discovery of my fathers infedility i will tell you next time.hope you follow me here in my own my own life.